Use Oxygen in a Sentence, How to use “Oxygen” in a sentence


Use Oxygen in a sentence. How to use the word Oxygen in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Oxygen.

Use Oxygen in a Sentence - How to use "Oxygen" in a sentence


Definition of Oxygen

a colorless and odorless reactive gas, the chemical element of the atomic number 8 and the vital support component of the air. Oxygen forms approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere and is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust, mainly in the form of oxides, silicates and carbonates.

Examples of Oxygen in a sentence

  1. Animals take in oxygen, and give out carbon dioxide.
  2. In the high pressure system, both oxygen and acetylene are used in high pressure cylinders.
  3. Scope of application: acetylene oxygen welding electrode retail retail welding electrode.
  4. It can detect hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, dioxide, ethylene, ethane, acetylene and other gases.
  5. A simple and practical welding technique is recommended, the oxygen-acetylene welding technique for Zn-Al alloys.
  6. The results showed that, the soft-shelled turtle depended mainly on air breathing, the water oxygen consumption was only 2.68% of the total oxygen consumption.
  7. When there’s no oxygen around, yeast cells switch to anaerobic respiration, more precisely ethyl alcohol fermentation.
  8. The first allegation was that a stray catheter gave deceptive readings of oxygen pressure.
  9. Most of the members of the order are aerobic (requiring oxygen), but some pathogenic forms are either nonaerobic or grow best at a low oxygen pressure.
  10. Most professional divers today use a helium-oxygen mixture instead of a nitrogen-oxygen mixture in their compressed gas tanks, because of the lower solubility of helium in blood.
  11. WHO-UNICEF technical specifications and guidance for oxygen therapy devices.
  12. The excess oxygen dissolved in the blood is used in metabolism, so it does not afflict divers with the bends.
  13. The Talalay process involves the production of a foam structure through the release of oxygen from hydrogen peroxide.
  14. Oxygen was known to be the only element that supports respiration as early as 1800 and was first used in the medical field in 1810.


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