Use Orthodox in a Sentence, How to use “Orthodox” in a sentence


Use orthodox in a sentence. How to use the word orthodox in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word orthodox. How to use “orthodox” with example sentences

Use Orthodox in a Sentence - How to use "Orthodox" in a sentence

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Examples of orthodox in a sentence

  1. This would have been the orthodox consistent answer.
  2. Donald Trump, in his early writings, was a spokesman for orthodox realistic theory.
  3. The following hymn may be called an orthodox revival hymn.
  4. A lengthy description of the elaborate Yom Kippur ritual of the Jerusalem Temple still forms part of the services, which among Orthodox Jews take up the whole day.
  5. He was born in Katalpara, Bengal, on June 27, 1838, of an orthodox Brahman family.
  6. The death of St. John (August 29) is also marked by Catholic and Orthodox churches.
  7. In many Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches, Advent lasts 40 days and begins on November 15 and is also called the Nativity fast.
  8. You can see what the days are eating what is in this calendar of the Archdiocese of Greek Orthodox America.
  9. It may seem almost grotesque to couple the English author and employee of the East India Company with the Orthodox American parson.
  10. Also, the fish I just then had seen flying above the bushes, did not have the extended wing-like fins of the orthodox flyer.
  11. Concurrently with this first product of the plot hatched between M. Venizelos and M. Guillemin in May, was carried on the more orthodox mode of action inaugurated by the Allied Governments in June.
  12. His preaching was strictly orthodox and yet fiery and practical.
  13. “You may say, like an orthodox scholar of Epictetus, ‘Let them keep their fervour and leave me calmness.’
  14. The church of the Orthodox parish of —- had been fairly dressed for Christmas by spirit hands.
  15. The Eastern Orthodox Churches may split.
  16. In order to be a good Orthodox Christian one must learn to live in society, in a family, he must learn tolerance.


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