Use Originally in a Sentence, How to use “Originally” in a sentence


Use Originally in a sentence. How to use the word Originally in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Originally. Sentence for Originally.

Use Originally in a Sentence - How to use "Originally" in a sentence

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Examples of originally in a sentence

  1. New York was originally a Dutch trading post.
  2. The area was originally inhabited by Picts.
  3. Potato chips were originally deep-fried in lard and seasoned with salt.
  4. Maggie originally wanted to be a civil rights attorney.
  5. Quite possibly this marks the site where Clement was originally buried.
  6. They have originally entire power in regard to the course which is to be pursued with them.
  7. In the process, the ideas that had originally been expounded by Monnet were substantially modified.
  8. It was originally about 20 feet (6 meters) high, but its height was later doubled by the addition of a gallery.
  9. This exhibition was originally organized by the Guangdong Museum of Art.
  10. Max Ashford originally created Quercus for a student competition on lighting design.
  11. It was originally a market town and in the 17th century became one of the 53 post or relay towns on the Tokaido, the main road between Kyoto and Edo (modern Tokyo).
  12. The rites begin on Yom Kippur Eve (Tishri 9) with the Kol Nidre prayer, originally intended to cancel vows of conversion to Christianity made under duress, but later reinterpreted as referring to vows between man and God.
  13. Though it was originally a fine hunting dog, the sporting qualifications of the cocker spaniel were submerged when it became the most popular purebred in the United States, a rank it held for 17 years.
  14. Wilt thou, who didst originally give us all our powers, direct and assist us all, this day, in the use and improvement of them.
  15. There is in fact no account at present existing in respect to the actual origin of alphabetic characters, though there is an account of the circumstances under which the art was brought into Europe from Asia, where it seems to have been originally invented.


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