Use Original in a Sentence, How to use “Original” in a sentence


Use Original in a sentence. How to use the word Original in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Original. Sentence for Original.

Use Original in a Sentence - How to use "Original" in a sentence

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Examples of original in a sentence

  1. The original design, by J. B. Fischer von Erlach, was much altered.
  2. The most original writers borrowed one from another.
  3. I am using the word with its original meaning.
  4. Vital Vittles (or “Vittles”) was an expanded version of the original Food Cooperative.
  5. The original alternative Jazz mode in “Transformers” (1984) was a Porsche sports car, but this was modified to become a Pontiac Solstice.
  6. These fakes are so good that they are more or less indistinguishable from the original ones.
  7. He saved the original copy and gave it only a xerox.
  8. Instead, they replaced the music of the past with a completely original composition of Rota.
  9. After all, it was the inspiration for the patchwork quilts of 1952, which proved to be the original impetus of the entire company.
  10. Winnicott was a subtle and original thinker who did much to give a new impulse and direction to Freudian psychology.
  11. The original impetus for nuclear power, of course, was military.
  12. A brick church built in 1767-1769 on the site of the original still stands.
  13. In 1831 he founded the magazine Figaro in London, and in 1841 joined the original staff of Punch.
  14. From an original 10 square miles it has grown to 507 square miles.
  15. Their original home is uncertain, but it was probably centered around the Danube.
  16. A froth is produced that may be 10 times the original volume of the latex.
  17. While the original barony was in abeyance, a new one was created in 1628 in favor of Henry Clifford, son of the 4th Earl of Cumberland, who later succeeded as 5th Earl.
  18. However, TBN did nothing to verify Rendalen’s claims and aired the story as “proof” of the validity of the original story.
  19. Plus, he was easily compared to the original guy, Gene Wilder, who gave an exceptional performance in the first film.

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