Use Organs in a Sentence, How to use “Organs” in a sentence


Use Organs in a sentence. How to use the word Organs in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Organs.

Use Organs in a Sentence - How to use "Organs" in a sentence

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Examples of Organs in a sentence

  1. Changes in weights, various sugars and diastase from the ancient sea and yolk in Fritillaria thunbergii were studied in the alternative process of new and old organs.
  2. The Brahmans are to be free from all bodily punishment; the other castes could be punished either by loss of life, or of the sexual organs, or in the belly, the tongue, feet and hands, eyes and nose, and were distinguished by different brands on the forehead.
  3. Male scorpion flies also have pincerlike organs that resemble scorpions’ stingers on the ends of their abdomens.
  4. The force within him, which his vital organs are setting at liberty from its imprisonment in his food, must in some way find issue.
  5. This last branch of the subject is yet enveloped in great mystery; but the proof seems to be decisive that the nervous system of man comprises organs which are actively exercised in the performance of mental operations, and that in this exercise they consume important portions of the vital force.
  6. It is supposed that in such cases the force is drawn off, so to speak, through the cerebral organs which it is employed in keeping in play, as the instruments by which the emotions and ideas which the story awakens in the mind are evolved.
  7. Almost all useful results require for their attainment a long continuance of efforts of the same kind–that is, expenditure of the vital force by the continued action of the same organs.
  8. Now, it is a principle of nature that while the organs of an animal system are in process of formation and growth, they can exercise their power only for a very brief period at a time without exhaustion.


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