Use Order in a Sentence, How to use “Order” in a sentence


Use Order in a sentence. How to use the word Order in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Order.

Use Order in a Sentence - How to use "Order" in a sentence


Examples of Order in a sentence

  1. *** The seventh incarnation was in the form of the four sons of King Dasaratha, under the names of Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Satraghna, in order to destroy demons that infested the earth.
  2. *** The geometric aberration of the seventh order of the rotationally symmetric electron optical system and its expressions are given using the eikonal method when the electric and magnetic fields come out.
  3. *** In order to achieve an aberration of minimum and equal deflection on the horizontal and vertical sides of a square scanning area, an optimal design method is proposed.
  4. *** First they must order the defendant to eliminate the inconvenience.
  5. *** Here you can rearrange the playback order of the slides and eliminate the unwanted ones.
  6. *** For example, in the Porcupine Nether Plain, the amount of organic material that sinks from above can vary by almost an order of magnitude from one year to the next.
  7. *** On June 25, 1948, Clay gave the order to launch Operation Vittles.
  8. *** It brings order to the whole through design, composition, tension, balance, light and harmony.
  9. *** The court issued a mandatory order obliging the seller to allow the person to enter so that the valuation could continue.
  10. *** First they must order the defendant to eliminate the inconvenience.
  11. *** A woman who belongs to an order or religious congregation dedicated to active service or meditation, living under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
  12. *** We will continue to promote the Doha round of trade negotiations, we will oppose protectionism in all its forms and we will work to make the international economic order more just, equitable and mutually beneficial.
  13. *** Several sections of the Registration Form require answers in order to process your application.

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