Use Or in a Sentence

Use Or in a sentence. How to use the word Or in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Or.

Definition of Or

Examples of Or in a sentence

*** The boy had no after effects or sequelae four months after his surgery.

*** Detoxification of alcohol or drugs and weaning of other substances or addictive behaviors.

*** Bachelor’s degree, specialization in electronic or mechanical engineering education from the accredited university.

*** Use an accredited marine inspector who is a member of SAMS, ACMS or NAMS and who specializes in sailboats.

*** Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, college or hotel school.

*** Look for the guide of a qualified and accredited professional: holistic or orthodox.

*** Intermittent operation of the clutch or accumulator seal.

*** The Matsya avatar was the descent of the Deity in the form of a fish; Kachyapa or Kurma, in that of a tortoise; Varaha, as a boar; Narasinha, as a monster—half man, half lion; Vamana, as a dwarf; Parasurama, as the son of Jamadagni.

*** The Kalki, or tenth avatar, is yet to come at the end of Kali Yuga, or the Iron Age.

*** The Deserted Village exposes the harm done by rich men who enlarged their private grounds by buying up neighboring farms or villages and driving out the inhabitants.

*** The leaders of the Kuomintang, although more skilled, were more or less the same.

*** Aft after the head there is a large ticket office that is accessed through a door in the head or from the cabin.

*** It is up to you to accept or reject the proposal.

*** I will accept 350 for the car or the nearest offer.

*** The university can not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen in its facilities.

*** We can not accept the fragmentation or balkanization of the country.

*** We had a brief discussion about whether to accept the offer or not.

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