Use Or in a Sentence, How to use “Or” in a sentence


How to use the word Or in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Or.

Use Or in a Sentence - How to use "Or" in a sentence


Examples of Or in a sentence

  1. The patient should not get up from bed or engage in activity too early.
  2. The boy had no after effects or sequelae four months after his surgery.
  3. Detoxification of alcohol or drugs and weaning of other substances or addictive behaviors.
  4. Bachelor’s degree, specialization in electronic or mechanical engineering education from the accredited university.
  5. Use an accredited marine inspector who is a member of SAMS, ACMS or NAMS and who specializes in sailboats.
  6. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, college or hotel school.
  7. Look for the guide of a qualified and accredited professional: holistic or orthodox.
  8. Intermittent operation of the clutch or accumulator seal.
  9. The Matsya avatar was the descent of the Deity in the form of a fish; Kachyapa or Kurma, in that of a tortoise; Varaha, as a boar; Narasinha, as a monster—half man, half lion; Vamana, as a dwarf; Parasurama, as the son of Jamadagni.
  10. The Kalki, or tenth avatar, is yet to come at the end of Kali Yuga, or the Iron Age.
  11. The Deserted Village exposes the harm done by rich men who enlarged their private grounds by buying up neighboring farms or villages and driving out the inhabitants.
  12. The leaders of the Kuomintang, although more skilled, were more or less the same.
  13. Aft after the head there is a large ticket office that is accessed through a door in the head or from the cabin.
  14. It is up to you to accept or reject the proposal.
  15. I will accept 350 for the car or the nearest offer.
  16. The university can not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen in its facilities.
  17. We can not accept the fragmentation or balkanization of the country.
  18. We had a brief discussion about whether to accept the offer or not.

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