Use Opposition in a Sentence, How to use “Opposition” in a sentence


Use Opposition in a sentence. How to use the word Opposition in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Opposition. Sentence for Opposition.

Use Opposition in a Sentence - How to use "Opposition" in a sentence

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Examples of opposition in a sentence

  1. He was surprised by the strong opposition of his son to his new marriage.
  2. The Opposition has agreed to abstain, which means that the Government will win a clear majority.
  3. The new zeal of the South in upholding, increasing, and justifying the slave system was met by a new intensity in the North in opposing it, though for a long time the intense opposition was confined to a small band of agitators.
  4. The relation between the opposites is known as opposition.
  5. When, in 1637, Charles I tried to introduce a Prayer Book and canons modeled on those of the Church of England, Henderson was in the forefront of the widespread opposition.
  6. He overrode boyar opposition to the land reform in 1864 by introducing a new constitution, which greatly strengthened his own powers.
  7. The Supplementary Plan is hijacked by the Government Group and part of the Opposition.
  8. The opposition in Cyprus called the deal ” bank robbery “.
  9. the demonstration was organized by the ruling and opposition political parties.
  10. According to Opposition leaders, opposition unity is considered achieved if three-cornered fights are avoided during General Election (GE).
  11. If the teacher can contrive to obtain a great majority upon his side, so as to let them see that any opposition which they can raise is of no consequence and is not even noticed, they will soon be ashamed of it.
  12. Did they resist and struggle to get free, or did they yield themselves without much opposition to their fate?
  13. And yet, it can not be denied that woman is endued with the power of making by various means a very formidable opposition to any attempt to abduct her by any single man, when she is thoroughly in earnest about it.


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