Use Opposite in a Sentence, How to use “Opposite” in a sentence


Use Opposite in a sentence. How to use the word Opposite in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Opposite. Sentence for Opposite.

Use Opposite in a Sentence - How to use "Opposite" in a sentence

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Examples of opposite in a sentence

  1. On the opposite page (upper left), the first incision is made through the plastic drape.
  2. The opposite scenario would result in positive money flow.
  3. Traditionally, Russian bear hunters would find a burrow buried in the roots of a cedar tree, approach cautiously and take a position on the opposite side of the tree from the opening.
  4. Cover the ribbon and place the opposite side of the touch and close closure, as Method 1.
  5. Simple, exstipulated, alternate, rarely opposite, whole or serrated leaves on the margin.
  6. There are scaly underground rhizomes, and leaves are generally opposite.
  7. But sometimes and in some cases this sexual or emotional attraction is not towards opposite sex rather it is towards the same sex persons.
  8. In lexical semantics, opposites are words that are found in an intrinsically incompatible binary relationship, such as the opposite pairs large: small, long: short and precede: follow.
  9. The notion of incompatibility here refers to the fact that a word in an opposite pair implies that it is not the other member of the pair.
  10. A member of a pair of opposites can usually be determined by the question, What is the opposite of X?
  11. The graded antonyms (or graduables) are pairs of words whose meanings are opposite and that are in a continuous spectrum (hot, cold).
  12. It is natural tendency that persons of one gender are sexually or emotionally attracted towards persons with opposite gender i. e. males are attracted towards females and vice versa.
  13. He made the plan perfectly clear to them by taking a particular noun and running it through the table, showing what should be written opposite to the word in all the columns, and then dismissed them.
  14. When he is exactly south of us, or, in other words, exactly opposite to us in his course round the earth, he is said to be in our meridian; for the word meridian means a line drawn exactly north or south from any place.


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