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Use opposed in a sentence. Sentence for opposed. How to use the word opposed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word opposed. How to use “opposed” with example sentences.

Definition of opposed

Examples of opposed in a sentence

*** He opposed secession and refused to support the South in the Civil War.

*** Later he broke with Cleveland over the Wilson-Gorman Tariff (1894), into which Gorman had incorporated many high rates opposed by the President.

*** The first and seeond toes of the creature are said to be large and widely opposed, while the third, fourth, and fifth toes are small and close together.

*** As a senator, Beveridge supported President Theodore Roosevelt’s big navy and conservation programs, pressed for legislation to control child labor, opposed the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act, and drafted a pioneering meat-inspection law.

*** In 1618 he opposed the Articles of Perth, which were forced on Scotland by James I in an attempt to make its worship conform to that of England.

*** He strongly opposed secession, and wrote against it. His Autobiography was published in 1872.

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