Use Opinion in a Sentence – How to use “Opinion” in a sentence


Use Opinion in a sentence. How to use the word Opinion in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Opinion. Sentence for Opinion.

Use Opinion in a Sentence - How to use "Opinion" in a sentence

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Examples of Opinion in a sentence

  1. I strongly disagree and ask for research positing this opinion.
  2. In my opinion, permanent peace is nothing but illusion.
  3. I asked her opinion regarding the news items and its potential effect on her company.
  4. In my opinion, Jackie Collins’ eyes seem dead, empty and without expression.
  5. In my opinion, that is a kind of happy stress, a burden that I am very happy to endure.
  6. News, Opinion & Analysis Companies are already planning to help you get drunk in space.
  7. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that.
  8. Because Hyde was not a part of the USGS or in a position of responsibility , his opinion was generally dismissed.
  9. A most singular contrariety of opinion prevails in the community in regard to the _pleasantness_ of the business of teaching.
  10. I told them that, as they were divided in opinion, they might sit, and I would put the question to the whole school.
  11. Now, whenever you hear any person talk so, you may be sure that her opinion on any subject is worth nothing at all.
  12. I say it is a _question_, for it is sometimes made so, though public opinion has decided that some portion of attention, at least, should be paid to the acquisition of additional knowledge.
  13. Never bring forward a case of discipline of this kind unless you are sure that public opinion will go in your favor.
  14. The teacher knew perfectly well that the boy would before long be at his old tricks again, and was reserving this story as the means of turning the whole current of public opinion against such tricks, should they again occur.


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