Use Opera in a Sentence, How to use “Opera” in a sentence


Use Opera in a sentence. How to use the word Opera in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Opera.

Use Opera in a Sentence - How to use "Opera" in a sentence


Examples of Opera in a sentence

  1. His first opera was La Double Échelle (1837).
  2. Rollo had an opera glass in his hand, which he used as a spy-glass.
  3. Indeed, it looks like a pleasant place seen from this hotel with Rollo’s opera glass.
  4. The building stood, as Rollo had seen with his opera glass from the balcony of the hotel, at the outer extremity of a spur of the mountain, a mile or two from the foot of the great cone.
  5. Thomas died in Paris on Feb. 12, 1896. Thomas’ best-known opera is Mignon (1866).
  6. Since then, the albums of Omnia Opera and The Aardvarks have come out again.
  7. Today, Shirley Griffith and Ray Freeman tell about one of the most famous opera singers of the 20th century, María Callas.
  8. Vocal score for 2 soprano solos, 2 mezzo soprano solos, 3 tenor voice solos, 2 baritone voice solos, SATB chorus and piano accompaniment. Series: G. Schirmer Opera Score Editions.
  9. Finally, the rules of that game were useless on stage, and Wagner soon found in Meyerbeer a master of the great opera that was dazzling the world by means that simply disgusted the most serious academic musicians of the moment.
  10. As a boy he played the violin and the organ, and when he was 18 he went to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music, where he showed a great talent for writing comic opera music.
  11. He was encouraged by its success and in 1902 he wrote his bestknown work, the opera Merrie England.
  12. Some were standing by the railing and examining the raft by means of their spy glasses or opera glasses.
  13. While Mr. George was saying this, Rollo was adjusting his opera glass to his eyes, in order to take a nearer view of the party among the ruins.

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