Use Open in a Sentence, How to use “Open” in a sentence


Use Open in a sentence. How to use the word Open in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Open. Sentence for Open.

Use Open in a Sentence - How to use "Open" in a sentence

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Examples of open in a sentence

  1. Borders, open spaces on the far edges, are beyond the borders and boundaries of known territory.
  2. Currently, the salary they will offer has been left open.
  3. The acceleration is sensational and very similar to take off in a plane with piston engine with open cockpit.
  4. Is it likely to reduce the firestorm over open source?
  5. For the priest to listen, open ears, eyes open.
  6. The Jiaodong Peninsula is located in the northeast of Shandong; There are long and zigzagging maritime lines and several open ports.
  7. A strange upside down house created on the grounds of a German zoo will be open to the public on March 30, the Daily Mail reported.
  8. The zoo is open every day.
  9. The zoo is open every day, from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m.
  10. This future can also be described as open to transhumans, spirits, or even aliens.
  11. The belief in the strength of an open and non-proprietary environment for the development of Ajax provided the impetus to open the powerful tool to the public.
  12. “Christmas is a festival of joy and love, and here I am at home, watching the television with my eyes open for hours, make sure you celebrate at least a bottle of wine or, otherwise, your next Christmas will be boring and safe” .
  13. So take out those marker covers and open your crayon boxes and get ready to decorate your rooms with a burst of color and imagination using our free Christmas coloring pages for kids.
  14. What kind of society do the British want: open or closed, cosmopolitan or nationalist, progressive or traditional?
  15. For those people who are losing faith in humanity, open a crowdfunding site and prepare to be touched by the millions of people who are ready to give back, without wanting anything in return.


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