Use Ontological in a Sentence, How to use “Ontological” in a sentence


Use Ontological in a sentence. How to use the word Ontological in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ontological.

Use Ontological in a Sentence - How to use "Ontological" in a sentence


Definition of Ontological

  • related to the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being.
  • showing the relationships between concepts and categories in a thematic area or domain.

Examples of Ontological in a sentence

  1. *** The knowledge of its ontological state thus works in Textermination as a trope for indeterminacy.
  2. *** Strictly speaking, in what ontological category of things are the causes and other conditions, the things that comprise the causal circumstances?
  3. *** Therefore, contemporary ontological debates related to photography are divergent.
  4. *** The ontological state of fictitious worlds has been of interest to both philosophers and literary critics.
  5. *** Clearly, it is not a property of ontological objects, although singular existential propositions can make perfect sense.
  6. *** The ontological argument tries to give a deductive argument for theism.
  7. *** Furthermore, the ontological reductivist can not establish his own philosophical position coherently.
  8. *** The mining association governs with ontological information bases in the built domain ontology, using a data mining algorithm, to produce semantic association rules that satisfy users more.
  9. *** However, there are certain minimum logical conditions that must be met before any reference to the existing ontological can be accepted as meaningful.
  10. *** They can be objects of thought acts in reflective consciousness, but they do not qualify as existing ontological.
  11. *** That is, someone who is monotheistic does not accept the ontological reality of idols.
  12. *** Where and how do we establish a line between existing ones and ontological fictions?
  13. *** The research plan Another basic problem that arises from a discussion of the concept of ontological existence refers to numerical diversity.
  14. *** Why does an investigation, an interest in the type of ontological question insist to bring it?
  15. *** Both the ontological selfishness of Descartes and the functional selfishness of Kant reveal this tendency.
  16. *** This article aims to expose the “ontological hermeneutics presented by Heidegger in Being and Time”.

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