Use Only in a Sentence, How to use “Only” in a sentence


Use Only in a sentence. How to use the word Only in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Only. Sentence for Only.

Use Only in a Sentence - How to use "Only" in a sentence

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Examples of Only in a sentence

  1. But she only earns about $21,000 a month, if her bankruptcy filing is to be believed.
  2. San Juan together with the Virgin Mary are the only two saints whose birthdays are celebrated.
  3. As for the body of water, it is only by the ocean on a separate platform in height of 30 meters.
  4. With only a few weeks until Halloween, it’s time to start planning.
  5. Ideally, it should only be used for one week max to relieve constipation.
  6. When asked why she loves MCT oil, the 42-year-old said it helped her lose weight, albeit only a few pounds, immediately and she managed to keep them off.
  7. As per Kathy, her mom opted to save early on, when she heard about an elderly woman who only could afford cat food for her daily meals, after having lost almost everything.
  8. She also faced tragedies and circumstances that only magnified her terrible financial straits as her parents and partner all died in 2005, while her twins were born via surrogacy the same year.
  9. As per her bankruptcy filings in March 2013 at Newark federal court, she only had $25,500 in assets and had a massive $10.7 million debt to repay, most of it in taxes.
  10. The city of Moscow is the capital and the largest city of Russia; Moscow, not only known as the capital of the land of the birch, is at the crossroads between the old and the modern, between the peaceful existence and the bustle of city life.
  11. Fed by an enthusiastic media outlet and consumed by a divided and captivated audience, the Harry and Meghan saga unfolds strangely as the long-standing debate about Brexit, only much more juicy.

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