Use Once in a Sentence – How to use “Once” in a sentence


Use Once in a sentence. How to use the word Once in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Once. Sentence for Once.

Use Once in a Sentence - How to use "Once" in a sentence


Examples of Once in a sentence

  1. Once the fear of unwanted pregnancy has passed, there is a greater freedom to enjoy it.
  2. These will be carried out once a month and will be alternated with contracts in the food and electronic products sectors.
  3. I had gone out with a young lawyer once, an ambitious and ambitious man, and a bored one.
  4. Once their specific task of conciliation is complete, they become simply members of the group without any particular authority or rights to permanent office.
  5. To begin to understand it (and not merely appreciate its form), it is necessary to attempt to clothe the object once again with its cultural, contextual meanings.
  6. In addition to putting a new paper and changing the ink cartridge (I think only once), it’s a maintenance free dinosaur that we do not intend to shoot soon.
  7. His supporters emphasize the sentimental and entertaining value of seeing him take the witness once again.
  8. Once established, the initiatives in the vision of how they should sustain a clear and convincing link with performance.
  9. Once it could be chance. But this strange extra acceleration was later seen with two other ships.
  10. Tokyo has been destroyed twice in the 20th century, once by the earthquake, once by the war.
  11. Once again consider the case of Xerox.
  12. Once there, a representative of the zoo tells him that Marcel has died; However, a caretaker of the eccentric zoo tells him that Marcel was robbed and put in the world of entertainment.
  13. The protagonist of the exhibition will be Guy the Gorilla, who was once an idol at the London Zoo, who will return to the center 33 years after his death (and a visit to the taxidermist).
  14. Many cities of the interior that were once treated as war zones became pleasant and habitable again.
  15. Dingoes breed once a year; litters of up to eight pups are born during the winter after a gestation period of about 9 weeks.


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