Use Official in a Sentence, How to use “Official” in a sentence


Use Official in a sentence. How to use the word Official in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Official. Sentence for Official.

Use Official in a Sentence

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Definition of Official

  1. A person who holds an office or position, as in the government or a business.
  2. Of or having to do with a position of authority

Examples of Official in a sentence

  1. A good report is followed by formal and official congratulation.
  2. Sacristan, the official who has charge of the sacred vessels, vestments, and other items used in the liturgy.
  3. This, in fact, has been advanced as an official reason for the execution of celibacy among priests.
  4. Hugh Dalton; (1887-1962), British economist and public official.
  5. The country is more common in this sense, but the field is used especially in the official language or when it is not clear to which sense of the country it refers: the Law of Wildlife and Field.
  6. Xu Guangqi (1562-1633), Chinese scholar and official, who became a Roman Catholic during the first Jesuit mission to China, led by Matteo Ricci.
  7. In 1822-1824, amid the writing of poems and official dispatches, Griboyedov composed Gore ot uma.
  8. Alexander von Bach; (1813-1893), Austrian government official.
  9. Alexander Tilloch Galt; (1817-1893), Canadian financier and public official.
  10. That official now holds a very senior post in the Education Department.
  11. That (U-2) flight plan, coupled with the FTI outage, in essence created a perfect storm, one official said.
  12. It remained a small, symbolic gesture of anger at the official policy on education.
  13. Every once in a while you experience a breakthrough,” the senior official said.
  14. Whether his official duty in undertaking this commission required him actually to drown the boys, or whether he was allowed to give the helpless babes some little chance for their lives, is not known.
  15. Mary at length assumed the title in some of her official acts, and combined the arms of England with those of Scotland in the escutcheons with which her furniture and her plate were emblazoned.


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