Use Of The in a Sentence, How to use “Of The” in a sentence


Use of the in a sentence. How to use the word of the in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word of the.

Use Of The in a Sentence - How to use "Of The" in a sentence


Examples of of the in a sentence

  1. *** Belgium and Great Britain became joint-proprietors of the cables between Ramsgate and Ostend and Dover and De la Panne (near Fumes).
  2. *** The correlation coefficient and the slope of intersection of the regression line and the sum of residual squares should be presented.
  3. *** And the result of the modification can be validated.
  4. *** Multiple regression with transformations of the dependent variables (not in the Lite version).
  5. *** A method was proposed for the determination of the composition of the ternary coordination compound by the regression design of the mixture models.
  6. *** The relationships between the weight of the embryo and the incubation time were of exponential regression.
  7. *** Linear regression with transformations of the dependent variable.
  8. *** In this work, the best measurement accuracies of the first excitation potential of the mercury atom were obtained using the regression method of the liner in the elaboration of the curves of the experiments.
  9. *** The importance of fracturing has been a common theme in the writings on the problem of the deposits of the Appalachian and Varisco thrust provinces.
  10. *** The first undisputed influence in the writings of Agatha Christie can be found in one of the digressions in Beowulf.
  11. *** In this thesis, I study his writings on the four aspects: the personalities of the writers themselves, the opinions of men writers on writers, the readers’ response and the comparative perspective.
  12. *** D’Espagnat’s writings on quantum mechanics present with great clarity the genuine puzzles presented by quantum mechanics, says Jeffrey Bub of the University of Maryland, College Park.
  13. *** Although in different writings, the frequency of use of the lexical element is different.
  14. *** This food is mentioned in the report of the archdeacon Theodosius and in the small anonymous work called “The Breviary of Jerusalem,” as well as in later writings.

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