Use Of The in a Sentence and How to use “Of The” in a sentence


Use of the in a sentence. How to use the word of the in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word of the.

Use Of The in a Sentence - How to use "Of The" in a sentence

Definition of “Of The”

Of the” is a preposition that is used to indicate possession or association. It is often used to indicate that something belongs to a certain group or category. For example, “the book of the author” means the book that belongs to the author. It also used to indicate the relationship between two nouns. For example, “The capital of the country” means the city that serves as the political center of the country.

Examples of of the in a sentence

  1. The story of the boy who never grew up is a classic tale.
  2. The color of the sky can change throughout the day.
  3. The history of the Roman Empire is a fascinating subject to study.
  4. The population of the city has grown significantly in recent years.
  5. The taste of the fruit was sweet and juicy.
  6. The beauty of the sunset was breathtaking.
  7. The importance of the role cannot be overstated.
  8. The size of the building was much larger than expected.
  9. The name of the street was unfamiliar to her.
  10. The sound of the music was soothing and calming.
  11. The leader of the team was responsible for making the final decisions.
  12. The president of the company announced the new project at the meeting.
  13. The condition of the roads was poor due to the recent storm.
  14. The quality of the service was exceptional.
  15. The cost of the trip includes airfare and lodging.
  16. The value of the property had increased significantly over the years.
  17. The results of the study were surprising.
  18. The members of the committee were chosen for their expertise.
  19. The temperature of the water was perfect for swimming.
  20. The design of the new car was sleek and modern.
  21. The type of the flower is hard to identify without closer examination.


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