Use Odoriferous in a Sentence and How is “Odoriferous” used in English?


Use Odoriferous in a sentence. How to use the word Odoriferous in a sentence? How is “Odoriferous” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Odoriferous”? Sentence for Odoriferous.

Use Odoriferous in a Sentence - How to use "Odoriferous" in a sentence

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How is “Odoriferous” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Odoriferous”?

Odoriferous” is an adjective used to describe something that has a strong or noticeable smell, either pleasant or unpleasant. It is often used in scientific or technical writing to describe substances or materials that emit odors.

In terms of usage rules, “odoriferous” is correctly used before a noun and should not be used as a verb. For example:

  • “The flowers have an odoriferous aroma.”
  • “The cheese was stored in an odoriferous container.”

Correct usage: “The cheese had an odoriferous smell.” Incorrect usage: “The cheese odorifered.

Examples of Odoriferous in a sentence

  1. The odoriferous compost pile was attracting flies.
  2. The odoriferous gases from the factory caused respiratory problems for nearby residents.
  3. The odoriferous perfume made her sneeze.
  4. The odoriferous cheese was a popular delicacy.
  5. The odoriferous bathroom was in dire need of cleaning.
  6. The odoriferous garbage dump was a source of pollution.
  7. The odoriferous skunk sprayed nearby, causing a strong stench.
  8. The odoriferous flower garden was a popular tourist attraction.
  9. The odoriferous smog hung heavy over the city.
  10. The odoriferous swamp was known for its abundance of insects.
  11. The odoriferous gas leak caused panic in the neighborhood.
  12. The odoriferous curry filled the house with its enticing aroma.
  13. The odoriferous incense was burned in religious ceremonies.
  14. The odoriferous pollution was affecting the marine life.
  15. The odoriferous smoke from the fire was causing health problems.
  16. The odoriferous bathroom was a source of embarrassment for the host.
  17. The odoriferous dumpster was attracting pests.
  18. The odoriferous tuna sandwich caused a commotion in the office.
  19. The odoriferous scent of gasoline was overwhelming.
  20. The odoriferous compost bin was a source of fertilizer for the garden.
  21. The odoriferous oil spill was a environmental disaster.
  22. The odoriferous spices were used in cooking traditional dishes.
  23. The odoriferous vinegar was used for pickling.
  24. The odoriferous rose garden was a popular destination for tourists.
  25. The odoriferous drains were a source of unpleasant smells.
  26. The odoriferous fuel was causing health problems for the workers.
  27. The odoriferous odor of bleach was overpowering.
  28. The odoriferous skunk was a frequent visitor to the area.
  29. The odoriferous garbage truck was causing a disturbance.
  30. The odoriferous manure was used to fertilize the fields.


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