Use Obviously in a Sentence, How to use “Obviously” in a sentence


Use Obviously in a sentence. How to use the word Obviously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Obviously. Sentence for Obviously.

Use Obviously in a Sentence - How to use "Obviously" in a sentence

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Examples of obviously in a sentence

  1. The excuse for her absence was obviously fabricated.
  2. There are obviously two courses.
  3. Such a character as this, is obviously the symbol of an idea, not the representative of a word.
  4. He wore the dress of a countryman, and had obviously come in from the forests, a long way; and there was something in his air which denoted hurry and agitation.
  5. They did not even give _serious_ answers, obviously considering the new city as a mere temporary gathering and encampment of adventurers and outlaws, which would be as transient as it was rude and irregular.
  6. Obviously, pull the cyclic lever backwards to lower the tail and impart a backward force to stop the forward movement.
  7. Obviously it’s not a direct comparison, but the Peanuts Movie 2015 computer-animated movie cost $ 99 million.
  8. Obviously a great variety of conditions will produce this common symptom but the cause may be due to inefficient heart action.
  9. The difficulty in the way of the execution of this plan was obviously to induce the people to come, and especially to bring the young women with them.
  10. The company is relentless in its search for profits, and will obviously do whatever is necessary to make more money.
  11. The Freedom 2 Save program obviously means that additional cost for the company, so why do they do it, what can they possibly gains from this?
  12. Obviously this book was regarded as the most important and valuable part of the law, and to this circumstance it owes its preservation.
  13. The fact that Zoroaster was the most important name in the antiquity of Iran among western nations obviously induced Syncellus to put him at the head of the supposed ancient Median dynasty.


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