Use Obvious in a Sentence, How to use “Obvious” in a sentence


Use Obvious in a sentence. How to use the word Obvious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Obvious.

Use Obvious in a Sentence - How to use "Obvious" in a sentence


Examples of Obvious in a sentence

  1. The pressures to join the Labor Party were obvious.
  2. They see the obvious and tremendous gains as merely keeping pace with population and buying time for further assaults against the grim evils of overpopulation and poverty.
  3. The division of assets as obvious as the matrimonial home may be fraught with problems, but what about an accumulated pension fund?
  4. From his last writings it is obvious that he was completely fascinated by the whole operation and its execution.
  5. A certain habit of antagonism disfigured his earlier writings, a trick of rhetoric not much surpassed in his later writings, of replacing the obvious word and thought with its diametrical opposite.
  6. By becoming obvious to predators, they can easily attract unwanted attention.
  7. A recount of the congregation has obvious flaws.
  8. It also commonly means the forcing of texts away from their obvious meaning to make them conform to theories derived from other sources.
  9. A splatter guard that is allegedly “obvious to try” does not seem so obvious when one breaks down the examiner’s improper logic.
  10. At the time, there were several not-so-obvious aspects of our initial investment in Snowflake.
  11. Unless you’re making a product that just does one thing – like a paperclip, for example – everything won’t be obvious.
  12. The fact that a condition is open and obvious may be a viable defense to a premises liability claim.
  13. Does it matter that we label and talk about “the halo effect,” even if we already ‘know’ it and it seems obvious?
  14. That makes sense, because the obvious solution is obvious because we’ve learned how to solve problems like these.
  15. It’s helpful to have an understanding of premises liability and its exceptions, such as the open and obvious defense.

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