Observed in a Sentence

How to use the word Observed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Observed.

Examples of Observed in a sentence

*** It was first observed in 1908, and in 1943 it was identified spectroscopically as methane.

*** Its vigor and logical sharpness made it effective in depicting a web of intricate, carefully observed relationships.

*** Its adverse effects on the user’s depression symptoms could not yet be observed by multiple regression analysis.

*** inflammatory splenic disease: abscesses, tuberculosis and hydatidosis are frequently observed.

*** Seven species of raptors have been observed.

*** The deputy police chief of Tashkent and the deputy prosecutor of the city allegedly observed the attack but did not intervene to arrest him.

*** They observed a rabbit lumbering down the road.

*** Drowsiness, polyhydrosis, nausea, dizziness and discomfort in the gastric area were observed in some patients.

*** The doctor, having observed this for a while, asked the nurse to administer a cardiogram, and then quickly gave his new patient an injection of a tranquilizer.

*** He experienced and observed nature and life with his sentimental heart, and expressed inner serenity, wisdom and poetry with his slow and deliberate pen.

*** And they observed three-spined thorny fish to catch fleas of water, with the accompaniment of white noise calibrated to equalize the noise level of speedboats or a silent track as control.

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