Use Obsequious in a Sentence, How to use “Obsequious” in a sentence


Use Obsequious in a sentence. How to use the word Obsequious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Obsequious. Sentence for Obsequious.

use Obsequious in a sentence


Examples of Obsequious in a sentence

  1. Barrow was absolutely obsequious with me until he knew that I was also the son of a hard-working man.
  2. It’s almost embarrassingly obsequious for anyone in authority.
  3. We strive as obsequious fictitious bubbles to provide comfort in consecrating a corpse.
  4. The obsequious form of the salesman was beginning to irritate me.
  5. So the marble rooms, the crystal chandeliers, the obsequious waiters were going to be there.
  6. The obsequious brush reduces the truth in deference to the narrow canvas.
  7. Donald is the owner of a obsequious store.
  8. The waiter was courteous and efficient, but not obsequious.
  9. The life of one of the older children is to listen, to be obsequious, but finally to risk danger in despair.
  10. Do not touch or be obsequious with rich or powerful people.
  11. The obsequious brush reduces the deference of the truth to the canvas that is narrow.
  12. He is a obsequious owner of the store.
  13. The secretary is extremely obsequious with the manager.
  14. As he was, he was forced into his habitual obsequious tolerance.
  15. Mrs. Bay, with her thighs pressed against her body, showed an unabashedly obsequious air as she watched the mystical deliberations.

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