Use Objects in a Sentence & How to use “Objects” in a sentence


Use Objects in a sentence. How to use the word Objects in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Objects. Sentence for Objects.

Why do some objects float in water?


Examples of Objects in a sentence

  1. The objects, then, to be aimed at in the general arrangements of schools are twofold:
  2. Cast and repousse objects as well as wood carvings covered with gold leaf serve as symbols of rule among the Akan peoples.
  3. Naturalism tries to explain these appearances without positing non-real objects or states of affairs.
  4. Every cloth that he uses is transparent, which speaks of the hidden politics that lurks behind common objects and goods.
  5. However, by hosting remote objects in ASP.NET and by using the HTTP channel for communication, remote objects can benefit from the underlying security services provided by IIS and ASP.NET.
  6. The second great difficulty of the teacher’s employments is _the immense multiplicity of the objects of his attention and care_ during the time he is employed in his business.
  7. In fact, so essential is it that the accomplishment of these objects should be secured, that it is even a question whether common schools should not be confined to them.
  8. My practice has been to have two periods of short duration, each day, appropriated to these objects: the first to the _business of the school_, and the second to such studies or lectures as could be most profitably attended to at such a time.
  9. According to the exposed concept the word “malleable” is not only used for the objects, it can be used for the description of a person, it is said that the malleable people have a docile character and are easy to use or manipulate, this being a human easy to carry, sensitive, sweet, obedient, and with an immense thirst to learn, that is, does not rebel against any order from outsiders.
  10. This is a point of fundamental importance; for, if what I should say on the subject of exercising ingenuity and contrivance in teaching should be the means, in any case, of leading a teacher to break in upon the regular duties of his school, and destroy the steady uniformity with which the great objects of such an institution should be pursued, my remarks had better never have been written.

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