Use Numerous in a Sentence, How to use “Numerous” in a sentence


Use Numerous in a sentence. How to use the word Numerous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Numerous. Sentence for Numerous.

Use Numerous in a Sentence - How to use "Numerous" in a sentence


Examples of Numerous in a sentence

  1. The most numerous and the most widely distributed are the “true,” or Forest, Negroids, who inhabit most of Subsaharan Africa.
  2. The most numerous are the Coptic Christians.
  3. Finally, there are numerous populations, such as the Fulani in the regions just south of the Sahara in West Africa and many of the Somali, who appear to have acquired their characteristics from both Negroid and Caucasoid ancestors and may most properly be regarded as “mixed.”
  4. The numerous religious terms common to Celtic and Indo-Iranian are rather to be explained as survivals from the Indo-European past, while the many agreements among Celtic and Baltic and Slavonic vocabularies may be the result of the wanderings of the Urnfield people.
  5. There were numerous barbarian invasions of the Balkan Peninsula, but that of the Slavs, which began in the 5th century and reached a peak in the 6th and 7th centuries, had the greatest effect on the subsequent ethnic composition of the area.
  6. The varieties of indigenous African religious expression are even more numerous than the languages spoken on the continent because they are essentially tribal religions.
  7. Christians are likely to be most numerous in those countries and regions not heavily Islamized.
  8. Many Chancery students have won several English contests on numerous occasions.
  9. Diderot was imprisoned for his writings, an experience, sustains Blom, who left him too frightened to expose his philosophy clearly, instead of disguising it in numerous plays, novels and letters.
  10. The biblical writings, which are at the root of Western culture, make numerous mentions to the omens in the heavens.
  11. Despite the numerous reports describing the association between chronic subareolar abscess and mammary fistulas, the entity is not clear and the treatment is not yet standardized.
  12. Indo-Australian archipelago The combined region formed by the Malay peninsula, northern Australia and the numerous islands of Indonesia, the Philippines and Melanesia.
  13. All the children were excited to go to the beach for a more numerous vacation.
  14. His numerous publications include Black, White, and Brown (1901) and The Races of Man and Their Distribution [1909).
  15. With the anthropologist Lorimer Fison, he published Kamilaroi and Kurnai (1880) and numerous papers on aboriginal life.
  16. His numerous books include My World (1927), The Long Road (1936), Novuhere Was Somezuhere (1946), Industries for S mail Communities (1953).
  17. He made a splendid royal progress with her through Egypt after the war was over, attended by a numerous train of Roman guards.

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