Use Numbered in a Sentence, How to use “Numbered” in a sentence


Use Numbered in a sentence. How to use the word Numbered in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Numbered. Sentence for Numbered.

Numbered - Sentence for Numbered - Use Numbered in a Sentence


Examples of Numbered in a sentence

  1. He that leadeth forth His host in a numbered array.
  2. An influential teacher, he numbered among his students Arthur Eddington.
  3. Their division numbered a thousand men.
  4. The satrapies were numbered from the west toward the east.
  5. The houses numbered 2, 5, 8 and 11 are called Casas Succedent.
  6. He must be numbered among the foremost princes of the ancient East.
  7. The townships in a new country are numbered at first, not named.
  8. The army operating against Suez numbered about one hundred and fifty thousand men.
  9. But it was now clear to all that the days of the great bishop were numbered.
  10. The different seats in the several compartments of the coach are numbered, and the prices of them are different.
  11. By this time I had numbered thirthy four years, or something more; and it was the fourteenth year of the Emperor Tiberius.
  12. For the boy lived to be a man; nor did he die till he numbered fifty years, dying about twelve years ago, two years before destruction came upon the Holy City.
  13. For the space of nine or ten years I was content to give myself wholly to the study of the Law; but when I had now numbered thirty years, my doubts and fears came back to me again.
  14. Certain columns were erected in different parts of the valley, on which cubits and the subdivisions of cubits were marked and numbered, for the purpose of ascertaining precisely the rise of the water.
  15. Even the Egyptian warrior caste remained unchanged and undiminished; it merely passed from the service of the Pharaohs into that of the Achæmenids; and after repeated rebellions numbered more than 400,000 men in the middle of the fifth century B.C.

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