Use Now in a Sentence, How to use “Now” in a sentence


How to use the word Now in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Now.

Use Now in a Sentence - How to use "Now" in a sentence


Examples of Now in a sentence

  1. Now the laser fuse has been applied to aerial bombs, rockets, missiles and anti-tank missiles.
  2. Her success as an actress was now assured.
  3. The actress now dedicates herself to children’s charity work.
  4. A friend accountant is now helping you prepare the reports.
  5. These terracotta figures are now confidently dated by radiocarbon techniques in the 2d or 3d century b.c.
  6. Erskine Bowles plowed my corn field and now I can’t stop singing!!
  7. The core regression method is now the most popular nonparametric estimation method.
  8. Now he had carte blanche to pursue any important history in the city and to inject his strong opinions shamelessly into his writings.
  9. And this august body of people behind the hall par excellence must now press hard and firmly for this to happen.
  10. So, do all religious fanatics now believe in Aardvarks?
  11. The area now attracts more than 60 species of breeding birds.
  12. All major theaters now have sponsors, especially for high-cost productions.
  13. Despite suffering great losses, the rebels now retain the city and the surrounding hills.
  14. He says that the West has failed the republics destroyed by war, and now must intervene.
  15. Now they have asked the government of the newly independent Soviet state to intervene.
  16. Those sellers now include the clothing chain Fast Retailing Co. Uniqlo and the computer manufacturer Dell Inc.
  17. But on the left there are now vast forests that wrapped all the traces of human beings so fast. In the meadows and hay fields, there is a birch forest that sings merrily.
  18. Stracey and Batten are now successful nightclub singers.
  19. Teleworking now reaches the mass market, where it is not so picturesque, but has a more practical value.
  20. Now that you have seen the difficulties of the submodule system, let’s look at an alternative way of solving the same problem.
  21. Dorothy is now in London with no memory of the past eight days.
  22. Some posts on Weibo showed that hospitals in Wuhan have already been overloaded with thousands of people with fever and were highly critical of the reliability of the figures from the Chinese government although such posts are now deleted due to unknown reasons.
  23. I have tried to reach him throught his publisher, Random House, but I am now running out of time.
  24. It should be in stores near you now and it was reviewed in the New York Times today.

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