Use nothing in a sentence

Use nothing in a sentence. Sentence for nothing. How to use the word nothing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word nothing. How to use “nothing” with example sentences.

Definition of nothing

Examples of nothing in a sentence

*** It’s nothing will hold him back as food, ma’am.

*** There is no laughter in Little Altars Everywhere, nothing quaint, and very little hint that the brotherhood heals everything.

*** But there is nothing to provide that centripetal acceleration.

*** Nothing can quench your anger.

*** Once again, rationality is the alternative to the absurd, but it has nothing to do with mystery.

*** Lionesses that have puppies at the zoo are nothing new now.

*** It is possible that the winning lists have nothing to do with Christmas; They will be the best of the lists you receive regardless of the subject.

*** Hemingway’s pen. Mr. Knight also seems to disdain Brett Ashley, the book’s fatal woman, who is “fundamental to everything,” but “had nothing attractive about her, except her beauty.”

*** After sweeping schools in Oregon last month, Knight predicted nothing worse than a split in the rest of the road trips this season.

*** These are currently the strongest trends in the equine industry and there is nothing to indicate that this is changing in the short term.

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