Use Nothing in a Sentence – How to use “Nothing” in a sentence


Use Nothing in a sentence. How to use the word Nothing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Nothing. Sentence for Nothing.

Use Nothing in a Sentence - How to use "Nothing" in a sentence

Examples of nothing in a sentence

  1. It’s nothing will hold him back as food, ma’am.
  2. There is no laughter in Little Altars Everywhere, nothing quaint, and very little hint that the brotherhood heals everything.
  3. But there is nothing to provide that centripetal acceleration.
  4. Nothing can quench your anger.
  5. Once again, rationality is the alternative to the absurd, but it has nothing to do with mystery.
  6. Lionesses that have puppies at the zoo are nothing new now.
  7. It is possible that the winning lists have nothing to do with Christmas; They will be the best of the lists you receive regardless of the subject.
  8. Hemingway’s pen. Mr. Knight also seems to disdain Brett Ashley, the book’s fatal woman, who is “fundamental to everything,” but “had nothing attractive about her, except her beauty.”
  9. After sweeping schools in Oregon last month, Knight predicted nothing worse than a split in the rest of the road trips this season.
  10. These are currently the strongest trends in the equine industry and there is nothing to indicate that this is changing in the short term.
  11. The masquerade-themed wedding reportedly cost around $3.5 million but this amount is nothing to Hayek’s look during the second ceremony.
  12. In short, what happened between you and the father has nothing to do with the child, who has no fault on the outcome whatsoever.
  13. I have no idea, but I do know that America has nothing to do with Russia when it comes to profile pictures of incredibly strange quotes.
  14. There is nothing wrong with being outside, as long as you spend most of your time here.
  15. Campaign owners are required to understand that crowdfunding is an all or nothing platform which clearly indicates they can receive all the money that is contributed by participants before the end of the campaign date.


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