Use Not in a Sentence – How to use “Not” in a sentence


Use not in a sentence. How to use the word not in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word not. How to use “not” with example sentences

Use Not in a Sentence - How to use "Not" in a sentence


Examples of not in a sentence

  1. Not only are mothers not paid, but most of their boring or difficult work goes unnoticed.
  2. The free food was not a compensation for a very boring night.
  3. Do not start it in one of your boring stories.
  4. Do not spray, or the foliage will quickly rot.
  5. Kangba Erhan was not only an artist, but also an educator.
  6. Line Faults “indicates the number of scan lines after the regression that were not found.”
  7. In the data that includes the discrete points, the least squares estimate can not control the strong error that affects the regression curve.
  8. We do not know with absolute certainty that the project will succeed.
  9. Your proposal is absurd; It is an absolute not initiatory.
  10. An absolute constant is fixed and can not be changed.
  11. Orientals do not use butter. They prefer very healthy peanut oil.
  12. Suffice it to say that they are not healthy recipes.
  13. Second, giving up water simply is not a healthy option.
  14. But it suggests that the New World was not a healthy Eden.
  15. Do not expect to go to the desert and see an anteater.
  16. Can not MSK and Blu Aardvark edit in Wikipedia?
  17. To that extent, Mr. Sharon was not an “aberration”.
  18. Do not litter the ground. Do not waste water. Use both sides of the paper when writing. Stop using plastic bags to go shopping.
  19. Cruelty and the fighting instinct have not yet separated from the human species.
  20. This species is not known to be vicious.
  21. She is not especially interested in sports.
  22. I do not want the public, and especially not the press [], to find out at this stage.
  23. I was not particularly happy that day.

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