Use None in a Sentence

Use None in a sentence. How to use the word None in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word None.

Definition of None

Examples of None in a sentence

*** None of this money is his.

*** The incidence of side effects, nausea and vomiting was 41% in the Demerol group and none in other groups.

*** Contradictions L-Carnitine None known Dexpanthenol Hypersensitivity to vitamin B5 Adverse reactions L-Carnitine Less common report of mild gastritis, nausea.

*** Only two cars produced by Austin-Morris could reach 100 mph and none could pass the acceleration test of 10 seconds.

*** No creature ealled an “abominable snowman” has ever been examined scientifically, and none has ever been reliably deseribed.

*** Although none are native to the United States, they are widely cultivated in greenhouses.

*** The use of adult stem cells, however, has none of the ethical problems and much less biomedical complications of ESCR.

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