Use Non in a Sentence, How to use “Non” in a sentence


Use Non in a sentence. How to use the word Non in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Non.

Use Non in a Sentence - How to use "Non" in a sentence


Examples of Non in a sentence

  1. *** Based on our mathematical models of the titration, the content and the conditional dissociation constant can be determined by the use of non-linear regression.
  2. *** The algorithm solves non-linear regression problems mainly through the inductive insensitive loss function and the kernel function.
  3. *** Belief is a kind of middle ground between non-belief and absolute proof.
  4. *** Heat the oil in a non-stick pan, then pour the egg mixture.
  5. *** The deceleration will occur partly due to the slowness of non-durable sectors, such as clothing and textiles.
  6. *** With some common pediatric diseases, physicians have no choice but to administer non-selective medication.
  7. *** Or alternate an alcoholic beverage with running water or a non-alcoholic drink.
  8. *** They are often indistinguishable in outward appearance from the larger non-conformist chapels on the next street.
  9. *** That by 1903 it consisted of 2933 officers and men, of whom 275 were commissioned and 558 non-commissioned officers, 181 musicians and only 1906 of base.
  10. *** The most convincing work in modern British theater is being created in the smaller, non-profit theaters.
  11. *** Extremely convincing stories. Clavell has a whole series of non-fiction books based in Asia, including Tai-Pan and Shogun, among others.
  12. *** Developing countries were urged to renounce such military ties and adopt a policy of neutralization or non-alignment.
  13. *** Dampening can obviously decrease the displacement peaks and acceleration of the non-linear stunning system, but it has an effect on the pulse duration.
  14. *** A new method is proposed to determine the mechanical efficiency of the diesel engine by means of the deceleration method of acceleration under non-external load.
  15. *** When the trainer is running on the transition curve, the residual non-baknced inertial force is maintained through the centrifugal acceleration feedback.
  16. *** Hong Kong Community College, a subsidiary of PolyU, is a non-profit company limited by guarantee.

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