Use Nobody in a Sentence

Use Nobody in a sentence. How to use the word Nobody in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Nobody.

Definition of Nobody

1. a person of no importance or authority.

2. no person; no one.

Examples of Nobody in a sentence

*** In fact, nobody does it, not towards the end of the 20th century.

*** So Local Authorities would have to administer only those schools that nobody wanted to go to.

*** It was so convincing to them that nobody even asked for a stop in the bathroom.

*** Another point that the pro-life lobby tries to convey is that they believe that nobody dies painfully now, due to hospices and modern drugs, so euthanasia is not necessary.

*** In a sense, nobody in the zoo lost a job, but in another sense everyone did it.

*** Barton also wrote numerous books, including the best-selling The Man Nobody Knows (1925), a popularized treatment of the life of Christ.

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