Use Nobody in a Sentence, How to use “Nobody” in a sentence


Use Nobody in a sentence. How to use the word Nobody in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Nobody. Sentence for Nobody.

Use Nobody in a Sentence - How to use "Nobody" in a sentence


Definition of Nobody

  • 1. a person of no importance or authority.
  • 2. no person; no one.

Examples of Nobody in a sentence

  1. In fact, nobody does it, not towards the end of the 20th century.
  2. Nobody knows,” said his father.
  3. There is nothing so pleasant as regularity, and nobody likes regularity more than boys do.
  4. Besides, I knew that there was nobody else here who would have referred such a question to me, in such a scientific way.
  5. So Local Authorities would have to administer only those schools that nobody wanted to go to.
  6. It was so convincing to them that nobody even asked for a stop in the bathroom.
  7. Another point that the pro-life lobby tries to convey is that they believe that nobody dies painfully now, due to hospices and modern drugs, so euthanasia is not necessary.
  8. In a sense, nobody in the zoo lost a job, but in another sense everyone did it.
  9. Barton also wrote numerous books, including the best-selling The Man Nobody Knows (1925), a popularized treatment of the life of Christ.
  10. Cameras caught the moment J. Lo and A-Rod met for the first time, although, at the time nobody could have thought that it would have such a massive impact on the singer’s life.
  11. Personally, I think decontamination does not make sense because nobody will come back here anyway.
  12. Little by little, over the years, people will rebuild their lives elsewhere and, in the end, nobody will return.
  13. “What, nobody at all?” said Donald Trump.
  14. After several trials it was proved that nobody wished to have his property destroyed.
  15. Nobody has won a victory, because there has been no struggle; but somebody has learned a lesson.


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