Use Next in a Sentence, How to use “Next” in a sentence


Use Next in a sentence. How to use the word Next in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Next.

Use Next in a Sentence - How to use "Next" in a sentence


Examples of Next in a sentence

  1. The next morning, the sea was still rough.
  2. The next morning Donald woke up early.
  3. The next time you use it, magnetize with the battery cell or the dry cell battery.
  4. The next day, the union voted to start an indefinite strike.
  5. The unions will vote 24,000 members in four companies next week in an indefinite strike.
  6. A new actress was billed for next week.
  7. That’s a good approximation of how the next boss is chosen.
  8. The peaceful environment of the park is ideal for me to think about my next great idea to present in my office on Monday.
  9. Now the 27-year-old accountant is hoping to surpass even that with the victory over Cork next Sunday in Croke Park.
  10. In any event, both Christianity and islam are likely to continue to make advances in the next decades at the expense of the traditional religions.
  11. We did not perform exhaustive regression tests in the CCH, but the same solution is merged in the next maintenance version where we perform that level of testing.
  12. I wish you a happy new year and a good fortune next year when we will share our happiness, think of our good friends and our dreams come true!
  13. The phrase “Your younger sister – the one who lives in Australia – will come next summer” contains a parenthesis.
  14. The donation was a true gift from God, especially considering that the theater should close next month.
  15. The president of the Supreme Court, Fortescue, slithered like a spider and slunk away to sit next to the duke.
  16. And Donald would be sitting next to Spider, like his old lieutenant.
  17. Another hectocotyle is regenerated before the next spawning season.
  18. The next on the line is grass.

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