Use Never in a Sentence, How to use “Never” in a sentence


Use Never in a sentence. How to use the word Never in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Never.

Use Never in a Sentence - How to use "Never" in a sentence


Examples of Never in a sentence

  1. Aren Nielsen, bronze medalist in the last two years, was never a contender and finished eighth.
  2. The Republican contender said he never understood the plight of the disabled before being hurt.
  3. Rationally, he knows that she will never return to him, but emotionally he can not accept it.
  4. You just have to accept the fact that we will never be rich.
  5. Never accept elevators from strange men.
  6. The key to a happy life is to accept that you are never really in control.
  7. What I like about work is that it’s never boring.
  8. It was almost always fun, never boring.
  9. Amotken dwells in heaven, solitary and alone: he is an old man, wise and kind, never-changing in concern for bis creation.
  10. Although it never existed, ancient artists often painted or carved griffins as ornaments, and there were also stories about them.
  11. They negotiate rights to graze their cattle with local landowners and never establish permanent settlements of their own.
  12. It is quite probable that not only has he not had experience with regression therapy, but he has never before been hypnotized.
  13. I could never have an abortion.
  14. Alan Keyes, an eloquent presenter of a black talk show that fervently opposes abortion, has never officially dropped out of the race.
  15. If I do what I want more than anything else in the world and it makes me happy, that work can never be an aberration.
  16. People who inject drugs can never be sure they are using non-adulterated substances.
  17. Never microwave a whole egg without pricking the yolk with a toothpick to break the outer chameleon.
  18. Never cook the egg with microwaves in the shell.
  19. Unfortunately, the breed has never lost this reputation, and it is now little used as a sporting dog, except for hunting birds.

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