Use Nervousness in a Sentence, How to use “Nervousness” in a sentence


Use Nervousness in a sentence. How to use the word Nervousness in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Nervousness. Sentence for Nervousness.

Use Nervousness in a Sentence - How to use "Nervousness" in a sentence


Examples of nervousness in a sentence

  1. “It was merely nervousness and excitement,” she replied.
  2. Its displacement in 1953 by the beagle (in total registrations) resulted from temperament changes, such as increased nervousness, brought about by ill-advised breeding to meet the high demand.
  3. Her nervousness and the queer look in her face made me stare at her sharply.
  4. General Sarrail, who at first urged that the naval demonstration against Athens should be proceeded with immediately, on second thoughts, prompted by nervousness as to the safety of his troops, deprecated such action.
  5. As if to add fresh nervousness to the situation, one of the slippers lay pointing quite boldly down-stairs.
  6. As delightedly as when the Traveling Salesman had asked her how she fixed her hair, the Youngish Girl’s hectic nervousness broke into genuine laughter.
  7. Through what seemed an eternity then of time and noise, boat-keels grounding, men grumbling, boys shouting, women chattering, the sick woman waited in the lonely hush of her immediate surroundings with a very perceptible shiver of nervousness flashing from moment to moment across her spine.
  8. But when she reached the middle of the bachelor stairway and looked down casually and spied her clumsy arctics butting out from her wet-edged skirt all her nervousness focused instantly in her shaking knees, and she collapsed abruptly on the friendly dark stair and clutching hold of the banister, began to whimper.
  9. The White Pony’s coat was reeking wet with noon and nervousness, but the Girl sat tense and smiling and important in her saddle, as though just once for all time she was the only italicized word in the Book of Life.
  10. But, gentle as the gesture was, it only served somehow to increase the Intruding Lady’s nervousness.


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