Use Neither in a Sentence, How to use “Neither” in a sentence


Use Neither in a sentence. How to use the word Neither in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Neither. Sentence for Neither.

Use Neither in a Sentence - How to use "Neither" in a sentence


Examples of Neither in a sentence

  1. She spared neither friend nor foe.
  2. They were twins, so that neither could claim any advantage of birthright.
  3. Suppose the boy should say he could, and should take it to his seat and begin, neither of the boys knowing what the other was doing.
  4. Why, that you will neither of you get along very pleasantly until you can bear to have any body else mistaken, without contradicting them.
  5. In this seclusion, neither penetrated by bays of the sea nor traversed by mighty rivers, the region exhibits a certain similarity to the highlands of Arabia.
  6. He is the representative of the golden age; in his reign there is neither heat nor cold, age nor death, hate nor strife; and his dominion continues a thousand years.
  7. The unions of the tribes seem dissolved, and neither the previous importance of the warlike families nor their present position is brought prominently forward.
  8. They neither stand up nor sit down, nor leave the room, nor sneeze, nor vomit, without the prescribed formula.
  9. Here also is neither moss nor herb, for this range also rises above the limits of vegetation.
  10. Here neither prince nor people show the least interest in preserving the memory of their actions or fortunes.
  11. In his reign of 1000 years there was neither heat nor cold, hunger nor thirst, age nor sickness, hate nor strife.
  12. To him neither shrines were dedicated nor sacrifices offered, yet before meals corns of rice were to be scattered for him as for the rest of the gods, and spirits.
  13. The Brahman does not open his book, neither smith nor carpenter takes in hand his tool, till he has uttered prayers.

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