Use Needn’t in a Sentence


Use Needn’t in a sentence. How to use the word Needn’t in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Needn’t.

Definition of Needn’t

Examples of Needn’t in a sentence

*** She is already feeling bad about the competition, you needn’t ask her about it.

*** We have plenty of time. You needn’t decide now.


*** Just help yourself if you’d like something to eat. You needn’t ask first.

*** You needn’t have rushed. You could have taken your time.

*** We needn’t walk all the way home. We can get a taxi.

*** That shirt isn’t dirty. You needn’t wash it.


*** It is not raining. You needn’t get an umbrella.

*** You could stay in our house. You needn’t have stayed in a hotel.

*** It is not cold outside. You needn’t wear that thick jacket.

*** You needn’t wash those tomatoes. They have already been washed.


*** You needn’t study english. Your english is already very good.

*** I needn’t get a new worker for the factory. There is already enough workers.

*** She needn’t explain the situation. I have already seen what has happened.

*** There are plenty of shoes in my wardrope. I needn’t buy a new one.


*** You needn’t shout at me. I can hear you well.

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