Use Near in a Sentence – How to use “Near” in a sentence


Use near in a sentence. Sentence for near. How to use the word near in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word near. How to use “near” with example sentences.

Use Near in a Sentence - How to use "Near" in a sentence


Examples of near in a sentence

  1. Carrier was born near Angola, N. Y., on Nov. 26, 1876.
  2. The group of learning and memory genes in the surrounding DNA ends near the acetyl group.
  3. Parallelly on the Korean peninsula it is at 38 degrees north latitude, near a military demarcation line.
  4. He was dressed in a black cloth, a tall man, standing over the officers near him, bulky on the shoulders, but sharp to a small waist and absurdly small feet with varnished boots.
  5. Near this town, the thickness of this lens reaches about one hundred meters.
  6. A film crew reduced it to Ahwatukee or a place near the Phoenix Zoo.
  7. He was born near Darby, Pa., on March 23, 1699.
  8. He was born about 1128 near Ringsted in Sjaelland.
  9. He was born near Reims and became rector of the University of Paris in 1403.
  10. He died on shipboard near Egypt, in 360, on his return to Sparta.
  11. He was murdered by Arab slave traders near Kisangani, Congo, about Oct. 23, 1892.
  12. During the war of the Fronde she followed her husband, Seigneur Deshoulieres, who was in the service of the Prince of Conde, to Rocroi, near Brussels, and was rescued by him after she had been imprisoned by Spanish authorities.
  13. He learned to pilot aircraft in 1911 and established an airplane factory near Berlin in 1912.
  14. A farsighted person sees distant objects very clearly but not near objects.
  15. A nearsighted person sees near objects clearly but not distant objects.
  16. He died near Phoenixville, Pa., on July 24, 1951.
  17. A dark streak of coalesced spots runs from near the middle of the back to the root of the tail.
  18. After mating, the adult female caddis fly deposits her eggs in or near water.

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