Use Nature in a Sentence, How to use “Nature” in a sentence


Use Nature in a sentence. How to use the word Nature in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Nature.

Use Nature in a Sentence - How to use "Nature" in a sentence


Examples of Nature in a sentence

  1. Today’s Dezeen and Dutch Design Week live discussion focuses on sustainable design and our relationship with nature.
  2. *** They consider the cracking of the house market as an aberration, as if the very laws of nature had been temporarily suspended.
  3. *** The Blenheim Palace and the Warwick Castle are presented in this document, the English landscaped gardens are picturesque, an idyllic reflection of nature and full of romance.
  4. *** Fuel ethanol is expected to become an alternative fuel for nature.
  5. *** Down came the rain, the thunder and the lightning, providing the primordial accompaniment of nature.
  6. *** In the perspective of anthropological philosophy, Feuerbach argues that pantheism is not a philosophical theory that differentiates God from the essence of nature or humanity.
  7. *** Nervation, exquisite zigzag edges, I left nature with amazement.
  8. *** Animals would produce more offspring in nature than in the zoo.
  9. *** For today she had refrained from putting on makeup, in celebration of nature.
  10. *** In addition to the title poem, which is based on the folklore of the Hudson River highlands, the Culprit Fay volume includes the patriotic eulogy The American Flag as well as two nature poems, Bronx and Niagara.
  11. *** In cases of violent death, the inquiry is not limited to the physical nature of the violence but may extend to the discovery of other circumstances that reveal the moral quality of the act.
  12. *** Yoakum has the largest and oldest leather-goods factory in Texas, as well as other smaller plants of this nature; also a tannery.
  13. *** All cloning produces a human embryo and, therefore, is reproductive in nature.
  14. *** Knight is the inaugurator of the theory of uncertainty, explained the benefit resource and defined the nature of the company based on the discretion between risk and uncertainty.

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