Native in a Sentence

How to use the word Native in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Native.

Examples of Native in a sentence

1 – Zither; a musical instrument native to Austria and southeastern Germany.

2 – The best-known species is A. durior, the Dutchman’s pipe, which is native to eastern North America and is widely cultivated.

3 – Other species are A. grandiflora, the pelican flower, which is a climbing shrub native to Jamaica; A. elegans, calico flower, found in Brazil; A. clematitis, the birthwort, found in Europe.

4 – The green abalone (Haliotis laevigata Donovan) is native to Australia and is grown along the southwestern coast of Australia.

5 – Australia has many native palm species.

6 – When planting trees, adhere to the native species.

7 – To provide the place of the opera, native musicians, and especially J.

8 – Olive-green reptiles would flower in the Florida peninsula and south Texas, regions that have climates similar to the South American native habitat of the anaconda, say the study authors.

9 – Their claims are based on skeletons found in the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico, which have skulls quite different from the Mongol characteristics of Native Americans.

10 – They are native to the Eastern Hemisphere, but two species, the small-seeded false flax (C. microcarpa) and the gold of pleasure, or large-seeded false flax (C. sativa), have become naturalized throughout the United States.

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