Use Native in a Sentence, How to use “Native” in a sentence


Use Native in a sentence. How to use the word Native in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Native. Sentence for Native.

Use Native in a Sentence - How to use "Native" in a sentence

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Examples of Native in a sentence

  1. Zither; a musical instrument native to Austria and southeastern Germany.
  2. The best-known species is A. durior, the Dutchman’s pipe, which is native to eastern North America and is widely cultivated.
  3. Other species are A. grandiflora, the pelican flower, which is a climbing shrub native to Jamaica; A. elegans, calico flower, found in Brazil; A. clematitis, the birthwort, found in Europe.
  4. The green abalone (Haliotis laevigata Donovan) is native to Australia and is grown along the southwestern coast of Australia.
  5. Australia has many native palm species.
  6. When planting trees, adhere to the native species.
  7. To provide the place of the opera, native musicians, and especially J.
  8. Olive-green reptiles would flower in the Florida peninsula and south Texas, regions that have climates similar to the South American native habitat of the anaconda, say the study authors.
  9. Their claims are based on skeletons found in the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico, which have skulls quite different from the Mongol characteristics of Native Americans.
  10. They are native to the Eastern Hemisphere, but two species, the small-seeded false flax (C. microcarpa) and the gold of pleasure, or large-seeded false flax (C. sativa), have become naturalized throughout the United States.
  11. She accordingly took leave of her husband and of her native land, and set out with Cadmus and her other sons on the long journey in search of her lost child.
  12. The Trojans, he supposed, would kill him, and the Greeks, on their return to his native land, in their anger against him for having made his escape from them, would destroy his wife and children.
  13. If the powers of heaven had intended that I should have lived any longer, they would have spared my native city,–my only home.


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