Use National in a Sentence – How to use “National” in a sentence


Use national in a sentence. How to use the word national in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word national. How to use “national” with example sentences

Use National in a Sentence - How to use "National" in a sentence


Examples of national in a sentence

  1. In 2006 the national titles of Auxiliary Accountant.
  2. The women’s football team were national runners-up in 2021.
  3. 320 seats are needed to obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly.
  4. They draw stipends from the national federation and most players have clothing contracts.
  5. Manage the evaluation and award of national awards for teleplays.
  6. Now let’s sing the national anthem in unison with the piano accompaniment.
  7. McCormack said ending North Korea’s nuclear program, which included a weapons test in 2006, is a “compelling” national security interest in the US.
  8. The waiters in Luctia’s silver-plated national costume bent stiffly as they placed the plate behind the lavish plate in front of the delegates.
  9. The site, which borders the Carson National Forest, is rich in dinosaur bones.
  10. We wanted something very public, but also where we could do a lot of good, not just public relations. “Coincidentally, the National Zoo was raising funds for the panda project.
  11. The head of the national zoo exhibition and design planning, Susan Ades, told the Washington archive: “One of the secrets of the national zoo is how involved we are in the field of conservation.
  12. A young lion cub tries to swim in the moat surrounding the lion’s habitat at the national zoo.
  13. Caption: An owl perches in its cage at the national zoo of Cuba in Havana.
  14. Teams are formed over national borders and in multiple time zones.
  15. FALLS CHURCH is an independent city in northern Virginia, 7 miles (11 km) west of the center of Washington, D. C. It is a residential suburb of the national capital, and more than half its working population is employed by the federal government.
  16. He established a strong national army and instituted effective tax collection.

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