Use Named in a Sentence, How to use “Named” in a sentence


Use named in a sentence. How to use the word named in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word named. How to use “named” with example sentences

Use Named in a Sentence - How to use "Named" in a sentence


Examples of named in a sentence

  1. Hearne was named governor of Fort Prince of Wales in 1775.
  2. A third mascot, a star-shaped figure named Hoshiko, was introduced with the March 2008 issue as a friend for Moko.
  3. In 1896, a chemist named Felix Hoffmann of Friedrich Bayer and Company in Germany created acetylsalicylic acid.
  4. There is, venerable sir, a clan man of Avanti named Isidatta, an invisible friend who has left. Have you ever seen it?
  5. In 1812, during the invasion of Russia, he had been named a baron for preventing a fire from reaching a munitions depot.
  6. He died on Sept. 22, 1777, at Kingessing, Pa. A genus of mosses, Bartramia, is named for him.
  7. FALSE FLAX, any of a small group of plants named for their long, narrow, flaxlike seedpods.
  8. The Falls Church, for which the community is named, was built in 1734 and named for the Little Falls on the Potomac River, 5 miles (8 km) away.
  9. Named originally Hans Ulrich Megerle, he was born at Kreenheinstetten, Baden, Germany, on July 2, 1644.
  10. Dost Mohammed Khan, before his death in 1853, named his third son, Shir Ali, as his successor.
  11. Named bishop of Beauvais in 1420, Cauchon helped the Duke of Bedford extend English control over most of northern France.
  12. It was named in honor of Albert Einstein.
  13. Founded in 1887, the city was named for Benjamin F. Yoakum, one of the builders of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad, which ran through the townsite.
  14. Ashamed of his defeat, Achelous threw himself into a river that was later named after him.
  15. He was born in Oppeln on March 28, 1840, and was named Eduard Schnitzer.
  16. A local gentleman named Walter had usurped lands belonging to the monastery dependent on Fleury in Sault.
  17. The hero, a knight named Peter Loschy, went to fight the dragon.

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