Use Mustn’t in a Sentence – How to use “Mustn’t” in a sentence


Use Mustn’t in a sentence. How to use the word Mustn’t in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Mustn’t. Sentence for Mustn’t.

Use Mustn't in a Sentence - How to use "Mustn't" in a sentence

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Examples of Mustn’t in a sentence

  1. You mustn’t smoke.
  2. It mustn’t be.
  3. You mustn’t be late for the exam.
  4. Jim gave me a letter to post. I mustn’t forget to post it.
  5. You mustn’t tell each other what you decide.
  6. If you want to lose weight,you mustn’t eat too much.
  7. My mom gave me her grandmother’s ring, I mustn’t lose it.
  8. It is essential that nobody hears us. We mustn’t make noise.
  9. It is a secret. You mustn’t tell anybody.
  10. I need that book tomorrow. You mustn’t forget it.
  11. You mustn’t wish to kill or wound anyone!
  12. He is bady injured in the accident. He mustn’t walk for one month.
  13. It is important to be at school on time. You mustn’t be late.
  14. I don’t want anyone to know about our plan. You mustn’t tell anyone.
  15. Don’t make so much noise. We mustn’t wake the children.
  16. Whatever you do, you mustn’t touch that switch. It is very dangerous.
  17. You mustn’t forget what I told you. It is very important.
  18. “Then we mustn’t feed him any this afternoon,” said Stuyvesant.
  19. “Why, bless my heart,” she said, “we mustn’t forget about the children’s Book!”
  20. Girls and boys, we mustn’t forget William Brown and Augustus Grier.
  21. “No,” said Isabella, “you mustn’t direct entirely; we’ll talk over the plans, all together, and then do as we all agree.”
  22. “Well,” said the farmer’s wife, after a little time, “we mustn’t stay here much longer.”
  23. “You mustn’t feel sore at us,” counseled the youthful engineer.
  24. We all know you’ve had very hard luck this past month, but you mustn’t worry so about the future.
  25. Why, you mustn’t ever say a thing like that!


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