Use Musicians in a Sentence, How to use “Musicians” in a sentence


Use Musicians in a sentence. How to use the word Musicians in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Musicians.

Use Musicians in a Sentence - How to use "Musicians" in a sentence


Examples of Musicians in a sentence

  1. Musicians and dancers were often called on to entertain at lavish banquets given by the wealthy for their friends.
  2. Own cost of forty or fifty musicians, the best of Italy and Germany.
  3. In 1898, at the Musicians‘ Congress held in Omaha during the Trans-Mississippi Exhibition, she read “several essays on the songs of American Indians …
  4. Before the recorded music, the best musicians made a living, but they were not extremely rich.
  5. From the 6th century onwards he was considered one of the main poets and musicians of antiquity, the inventor or perfecter of the lyre, who by his music and singing could not only enchant the wild beasts, but even draw the trees and rocks of their places, and to stop the rivers in their course.
  6. The musicians and dancers were in their place.
  7. When they were told recently that the Hungarians were born musicians, she asked surprised: “Do they sing when they are born?”
  8. It is said that this mask, which provided abundant opportunities for decorators, musicians and dancers, to show how the seasons and their delights are successively exhausted by a “meaningless love”, it is said that Raybright, the grandson of the sun, was very popular .
  9. When there were several bands of musicians, it sounded as if the whole town were a big bellows and all the buildings expanded and collapsed alternately with a crash.
  10. In praising poverty and philosophy, he attacked gods, musicians, geometricians, astrologers and the rich, and denied the efficacy of prayer.
  11. The musicians are planning to collaborate, with the possibility of starting a band.
  12. They thought that it was not enough to rely only on the ear, to determine the principles of music, as did practical musicians such as Aristoxeno, but along with the ear, physical experiments should be used.
  13. They are often admirable artisans and musicians, almost all the towns that own a band of gypsies.

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