Use murmur in a sentence

Use murmur in a sentence. How to use the word murmur in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word murmur. How to use “murmur” with example sentences

Definition of murmur

Examples of murmur in a sentence

*** Heart murmur, sounds resulting from vibrations produced by the blood coursing through the heart and blood vessels.

*** A trained physician knows how and where to look for them as he listens to a murmur in a quiet room.


*** Experience in cardiac physiology and the use of the phonocardiogram along with precise interpretations of x-rays and electrocardiograms currently enable a physician to differentiate signifieant murmurs from one another and from an insignificant murmur which is in no way indicative of a cardiac defect.

*** As many as 70 per cent of infants and children have a type of heart murmur now known as the functional or innocuous murmur of childhood, which has no bearing on congenital or acquired heart disorders.

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