Use multiple in a sentence

Use multiple in a sentence. How to use the word multiple in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word multiple. How to use “multiple” with example sentences

Definition of multiple

Examples of multiple in a sentence

*** Solution of multiple linear regression equations, industrial control algorithm. It can be transplanted to the MFC program.

*** Statistical inference includes ANOVA, Chi-square test, multiple regression, and logistic regression.

*** This article deals with the mathematical model of 3 multiple regression for RIA (Radioimmunoassays) Dose-Response Curves by law of mass action in biochemical reaction.

*** The relationships between the variables were evaluated using the simple correlation coefficient and a multiple regression analysis.

*** The activation of the material ledger is a prerequisite for using multiple valuations.

*** The discs accommodate eight language tracks, 32 subtitle tracks and arrangements for alternative endings and multiple camera angles.

*** Purpose: To define and classify the subtraction artifacts of MRI in the subtraction of MRI in patients with multiple sclerosis.

*** Favorable results have been obtained with ACTH treatment of the following diseases: multiple sclerosis, lymphatic leukemia, inffammatory disease of the eyes, inflammation of the colon or thyroid gland, rheumatic fever, and acute leukemia.

*** Multiple fissures, also more frequent in women, are not unusual.

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